Saturday, August 30, 2008

Woven Into the Fabric

A furious space-rock album of serpentine electronics and heavy atmospherics, Woven's new album, Designer Codes, marks a new chapter in the band's existence, as they head out into the new musical landscape an unsigned and independent band.

It's heavy stuff, similar to the Notwist or Deerhunter, and it's a great achievement for a band that's shaking off major label involvement. You can kind of think of it as Kid A in a not-really Radiohead sort of way. It's dark, eerie, filled with atmospherics and dark beats. It's not stuff to listen to in the dark especially if you're depressed.

Designer Codes will be released on September 23rd and is not the feel good hit of the fall.

Download: She Blows My Amplifier
Download: Prickly Pear

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