Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fuck Me I'm Twee! NYC POPFEST 2010

NYC POPFEST in the past has brought indie-pop to the forefront of New York’s indie rock scene. Having championed locals such as The Pains of Being Pure At Heart, My Teenage Stride, The Secret History, Human Television, The Drums, Knight School and countless others they’ve also brought international indie-pop to New York. From Sweden’s Love Is Al and The Radio Dept. to the UK’s The Orchids, NYC POPFEST has brought indie-pop to New York on a global scale.

In its fourth year, NYC POPFEST continues the tradition of presenting fine forms of pop from all over the world. This year features a mix of old and new. With the United Kingdom’s The Wake, Veronica Falls and Tender Trap, Sweden’s The Embassy and Massachusetts’ Pants Yell! all doing headlining duties, this year’s line-up is not to be missed!

The Wake – (Performs May 22nd at The Bell House in Brooklyn)
One the most influential acts to come out of the Sarah / Factory Records era, The Wake will be gracing their jangly pop on gritty New York ground. With this being their only show in New York, missing out one of time’s most underrated bands would be a crime.

Download: O Pamela

Veronica Falls – Performs May 20th at The Cake Shop in New York)
Upcoming UK act has been labeled by Pitchfork as “C86 / Sarah Records revivalists” and having an exciting live show could be one of this year’s breakout acts.

Download: Starry Eyes

Tender Trap – (Performs May 21st at Don Hill’s in New York)
Featuring Amelia Fletcher of Heavenly, Talulah Gosh, Marine Research and various incarnations – Tender Trap has been making exquisite female vocal fronted pop for the past decade. Having released albums on classic indie pop label Matinee Recordings and classic indie rock label K, Tender Trap is another fine addition to the line-up.

Download: Oh Katrina

The Embassy – (Performs May 23rd at Littlefield in Brooklyn)
Swedish-pop has always been a forefront in indie-pop and Gothenburg’s duo are just another example. With records released on Sweden’s Service (Jens Lekman, The Tough Alliance, Whitest Boy Alive, etc) their synthpop laden songs are not to be missed. This will mark their first show in the United States!

Download: It Pays To Belong

Pants Yell! – (Performs May 21st at Don Hill’s in New York)
Making their last performance in New York, Pants Yell! has been a staple of American indie-pop for almost a decade. With their last album being released on classic label Slumberland, make sure not to miss their last show in New York city ever!

Download: Cold Hands

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And if anyone wants to send me to this...well that would be amazing because this is going to be an unreal festival!

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