Saturday, April 17, 2010

No Frills From Pitch Twit and Prod

Pitch Twit is the pseudonym of Yorkshire musician and producer Tom Sidebottom. This young producer's music is about melody and energy and when he's not making it, he's issuing it. You see Tom is also co-founder and producer of Exceptional Records.

Prod, meanwhile, dares to challenge the unknown, creating a raw, edgy but freakishly smooth blend of hybridized musical conventions. He takes the musical ethos of his past, and distorts it for the present, putting together an album of astounding jazz-soaked, glitched out neo-soul beats, all tightly wound and interlinked within in his salad day influences of old school jungle, techno and electronica.

Pitch Twit takes one of Prod’s vocals and places it beautifully over a spacious house backing – giving Prod’s soulful voice centre stage. The track’s pace is perfect – everything happens at the right time, and the rolling bass line and spacious chords give the track that ‘I could listen to this all day’ sort of quality. At the same time, the beats are crisp and energetic – giving the track dance floor appeal – maybe an outdoor terrace next to the beach.

Download: Prod - No Frills (Pitch Twit Remix)
You can purchase the single HERE

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