Friday, April 23, 2010

The Mouth's Cradle and a Silver Spoon

The oddly named Mouth's Cradle is making waves; seamlessly combining pop and hip-hop into a unique blend that's tastier than Starbucks House Blend. This Syracuse based duo are Orangemen by day, but artists at night. Or as they put it...Mouth's Cradle is undoubtedly on its way to emerging as a leader in the new class of college artists, who create buzz for themselves while sitting through lectures.

Taking bedsit pop to the next level, these guys make sugary sweet tunes that utilize a left field production/writing technique fuses it with Casio-like synth pop and then adds a certain degree of silliness to get something that's as sweet as Cracker Jacks. If you can imagine Supergrass being a synthpop band instead of being caught by the fuzz you can kind picture where Mouth's Cradle are coming from or at least what class they're taking.

Download: Honey From A Stone
Download: Front Porch Back Porch

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