Monday, April 19, 2010

The Juggernauts Return (a wee bit late)

Ok, I'm way way way way late on posting this. That's my fault. Why, it took me so long is beyond me, especially considering how much I love the Juggernauts.

That being said, the Midnight Juggernauts released a new online single two weeks ago (Vital Signs) on their own Siberia Records and to celebrate their return they've released a couple of new tracks and mixes AND a mixtape. In addition, the New Technology record is still available from Acephale Records and can be purchased online or on vinyl if you can find it.

Here's the breakdown...
First up is the b-side from the almost sold out 7" that Acephale released, it comes to us from the always stellar Babe Rainbow, who recently put out his debut EP, 'Shaved,' on Warp Records. This remix is the dark reflection of the original, thick and dubby and sometimes downright frightening.

To contrast and complement that, we've got something a little more conventional rom Toronto's CcenturiesS, who have recently turned out excellent remixes for Fan Death and Lioness. It's a lovely slice of disco funk with one of the best undulating basslines that we've heard in quite a while.

Download: This New Technology (Babe Rainbow Dark Dubby Remix)
Download: This New Technology (CenturiesS Remix)
Download: Juggernauts Mixtape

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