Friday, April 23, 2010

Acid Pauli Returns

Back in February, I posted a couple of tracks by Acid Pauli. If you remember Acid Pauli is better known as Console in the ever popular Notwist. He's a musician on a rampage and can't be stopped. Following several releases through 2009 (Marvin on Compost, Smaul 06 & Smaul 07) plus releases earlier in the year including Riverboat Tour. Now, he's at it again by providing us with summery tunes that are psychedelic and deeply thrilling.

His reputation continues to develop with his atmospheric tracks that are from another world. Throw in some strange influences to that ambiance and you have a guy that produces tracks that are out there and far more melodic than your average minimal techno track.

See for yourselves...

Download: Den Mahlstrom Rauf

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