Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sue For Sensual Harrassment

Just when you think Brooklyn has stopped churning out bands, and you pretty much have the area's sound down, here comes yet another band/group/artist from the area. with a clever play on words and a sound that's as seductive as their name, Sensual Harassment have just released their latest single, Fever.

Picking up where the much-blogged/buzzed about Soldier/Daddy Long Legs EP left off Fever has massive hooks, a driving synth line and a beat that bangs it's way home in an almost post baggy drugged out haze. This is the sound of 1992 brought back to life by a bunch of New Yorkers who probably were like three when all this stuff was popular initially. For us old folks, Sensual Harassment are like a throwback to something Chapterhouse could have recorded but never did.

Working again with engineer Jesse Cannon (The Cure, Animal Collective), the band has mastered the delicate art of making vintage gear sound new and listening carefully to their influences while still creating a galvanizing sound looks forward while joyously taking from the past. Sensual Harassment are a fantastic band that seem miles ahead (or behind) many of their local peers.

Download: Fever
Download: Daddy Long Legs

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