Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Dave Wrangler Wrangles A Few More...

The busiest man in Texas, Dave Wrangler, continues our Day of Dave's here at the POP Stereo with a host of new tracks that he's been working on lately.

The guy is like an assembly line of tuneage and probably never finds time to sleep or eat because if he's not working on music, he's out somewhere DJing either in Houston (his home) or some other city/state/country. The man's schedule is the definition of redonkulous.

Clearly possessing the eternal groove, he manages to balance it all with ease and you can hear that in most of his work. He uses sound palettes from all musical disciplines to create his internationally-acclaimed remixes and it's pretty amazing what he comes up with.

As if to prove a point, in the time it takes you to download the tunes below, my guess is that Dave will already have completed a new track because that's just how efficient this guy is.

Download: Roc Boys
Download: Take It In Baby

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