Thursday, April 22, 2010

Want More? Yes Please!

Finnish band Yes Please! was founded in 2003, when singer-guitarist Mikael Jurmu, guitarist Teppo Meriläinen and drummer Max Ahlström rehearsed in Max's grandmother kitchen. When they weren't eating what Max's grandmom was cooking, they were recording. They released their first EP Double Toast, Double Flavour was released in 2005 and followed by the Last Week EP in 2007.

While the band's early songs were sunny British indie rock. Today's output is a bit darker and less sunny, which is almost like a reflection of a Scandinavian winter. Their third EP, Cold Spell In Spring has attracted attention from around the world, especially track "Spring Comes Dancing On", which is was ranked in as one of the most popular music videos of the year 2009.

Now their back with new single Boys and Girls and despite the name it is not a blur cover or single re-done. The tune is a fuzzed out rocker that almost has more in common with some form of disco punk than indie disco. Angular, rough, and containing hints of what you would swear would be the Rolling Stones, "Satisfaction," the tune ploughs through the spring thaw with hand claps, chant-like vocals, guitars bouncing off of each other and an inherent catchiness that only the Scandinavians can come up with. That would be good stuff then.

Download: Boys and Girls

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