Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Young Sinclairs

One more before I get back to the game...so pardon the quick post and press speak.

Hailing from the Blue Ridge Valley settlement of Roanoke, located in southwestern Virginia, the Young Sinclairs is a highly accomplished and gifted conglomerate of enterprising young mavericks steeped in the traditions of tuneful entertainment.

Armed with tube amps, 12 strings, and enough reverb to swath half of the continent in a pool of electronically amplified pop-art, this group of musical magicians pluck, bang, and wail their way across the highways in search of open minds and ears.

The diverse melodic material that drips from the golden-loomed pen of chief songwriter and vocalist Sam Lunsford spreads far and wide across the sonic landscape while remaining firmly rooted in the primitive earthly cadence of folk-based rock and roll music. Below-the-belt Dionysian rhythmical insistence blends with shimmering Apollonian transcendental beauty into a unique and distinctly modern American experience, though structurally and conceptually indebted to the techniques developed by pioneer genius musicians of the past, particularly the 1960's.

In other words take some Brian Jonestown Massacre, mix it with some more psychedelic pop, throw on a paisley shirt, crank up the lava lamps and there you have the Young Sinclairs. These guys embrace the 60's like it was their long lost brother and for that I admire them immensely. In an age where everything is stupidly day glo here's a band that knows truly when and where the best music ever, came from.

Download: Tribe

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