Monday, August 16, 2010

The Concretes Return

"What happened to The Concretes?", people asked. Not a single new song in three years from a band that had been as reliable as a Swiss watch.

Time passed and even the band started to wonder, “What ever did happen to The Concretes?” After all, the band had practically become synonymous with 'Swedish Indie Pop", having released three albums (The Concretes, In Colour, and Hey Trouble) to international acclaim. Well, of course, there was a lot going on. Life, cycling, cooking, gardening, travel, children. And other side projects. Eclectic side projects. One member of the band even joined the circus.

Then, slowly, new songs began to appear. With less guitar, more keyboards, more bass, deep languorous vinyl grooves, twitching percussion and some good old cowbell – but still with those trademark melodies – the band is finally back with a new album WYWH, a new label (Brooklyn-based tastemakers Friendly Fire Recordings), a new singer (Lisa Milberg, though not new to the band, has stepped out from behind the drums to take over vocals for the band after the departure of Victoria Bergsman), and a new lease on life.

Anew. Renewed. Improved.

Download: Good Evening

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