Saturday, August 21, 2010

Dashing Suns Prep For New Album with Old Songs

Bay Area beach bums The Dashing Suns will release their debut LP, Really Like You, next week. But before the band introduces audiences to their breezy brand of garage and skuzzy sunburnt pop, the Oakland quartet wanted to offer up a few reinterpretations of other people's tunes.

First up? The ramshackle "Billy Two" from underrated Kiwi rock troupe The Clean. Next? A reverb-y take on downtown 60s icons The Velvet Underground and their classic "Who Loves The Sun." These tunes should whet your appetites until next week when the band will be streaming Really Like You in its entirety.

Download: Billy Two (by The Clean)
Download: Who Loves The Sun (by The VU)

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