Monday, August 16, 2010

Solve This Murder Mystery

Led by singer/guitarist Jeremy Coleman and his drumming sister Laura, Murder Mystery first found acclaim with their synth-popsingle “Love Astronaut.” Now they're building on that foundation with a pair of new singles, “I Am (If You Are)” [sung by Laura] and “Change My Mind” [sung by Jeremy], that continue where"Love Astronaut" left off -- surrounding catchy melodies with bouncy synths and as many guitar and bass hooks as you can cram into 2:30.

Joining the Coleman's in the band are multi-instrumentalist friends, Graham Roberts (gtr, keyboard, vox, cello) and Adam Fels (bass, gtr). As would be expected from a group of old friends and family, Murder Mystery’s members share a unique chemistry that extends from the studio to the stage, where they’re currently Moonwalking their way into the hearts of New York audiences.

Download: I Am (If You Are)
Download: Change My Mind

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