Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sam Prekop's Old Punch Card

Sam Prekop's first solo record in five years is a vast departure from his previous solo work and that of his main band The Sea and Cake. Old Punch Card is an album of dark and mysterious beauty inspired by early electronic music and avant-garde composition.

Comprised entirely of modular synthesizers (with only one instance of guitar, no vocals, and no beats), it's a hard turn away from Prekop's usual fair and an interesting look at some of his more obscure musical interests.

In other news, The Sea and Cake are rumored to have recently visited the studio and new material could possibly be on the way shortly. In the meantime, the band is going on a month long tour with Broken Social Scene. Prekop plays guitar and sings on a track on their latest album that was produced by The Sea and Cake/Tortoise drummer John McEntire.

Oh yeah...the album is due out September 7th.

Download: The Silhouettes