Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Julius C Hits the Road In New York

NYC masters of rock, Julius C will be performing 30 times in 30 days starting September 1st at Rockwood Music Hall.

It’s no stunt, it’s just another 30 days in the life of this band that has lots of fun but also gives back. By way of that generosity, the band has added Powerhouse, the new and innovative supportive housing program for homeless pregnant/parenting teenage mothers located in Elmhurst, Queens to the list of partners supporting the month-long event. In addition to spreading the word about Powerhouse through September, the band will donate a day of its Rock Star Camp program to the organization.

Julius C leader Jay Stolar developed Rock Star Camp to bring more arts activities to summer camps in the Northeast and Julius C tours youth camps each summer, spending the day teaching songs to the kids and staging a concert each night where the campers performed backed by Julius C. The band played to nearly 20,000 campers and staff this year. Julius C plans to do the same for Powerhouse, bringing some much-needed stress relief to the young mothers in the program at a time full of challenging circumstances.

Silly Bandz are the sensation that is sweeping the nation. You’ve seen them everywhere… they look like rubber bands until you remove them and they snap back into fun animal shapes! Julius C loves them too and has partnered up with Silly Bandz to co-sponsor Julius C Tours NYC: 30 Days, 30 Shows. Anyone attending one of the performances during the month of September will receive free Silly Bandz. You can use ‘em to put your face back together after it gets rocked off, OK? Or trade them at the bar. Or just put your hair back. There are plenty of uses for Silly Bandz.

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