Friday, August 27, 2010

Join the Halloween Swim Team

LA triple-synth band Halloween Swim Team has its feet on the ground and its beats in outer space. Put them in a pile with synth heavy pioneers OMD, Gary Numan, Kraftwerk (sans vocoder), Hot Chip, Devo, and Flaming Lips (circa 2002), with traces of Can, pursuing psychedelic soundscapes like Animal Collective. The vocals range from galactic whisper to an intensity similar to Cedric Bixler (Mars Volta/At The Drive In) or Isaac Brock (Modest Mouse), and at times the playfulness of Beck, Liars, and even Beastie Boys.

The band has spent the last few years living at the notorious Vermont House- an underground venue where HST wrote and released The End Of The Sky, and established a command post for the D.I.Y. community. When time came to move on, HST packed up and sought solitude in the suburbs to finish recording material for their new psychedelic synth-pop project, ANTENNAAA.

The band has since emerged with a vengeance, racking up miles in its graffiti-covered van playing endless shows at rock and roll clubs, living rooms, restaurants, barns, rooftops, and even lugging its instruments up desert rocky mountains to play in middle of nowhere. There aren't many swim teams that can do that!

Download: Pitch Black

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