Monday, August 16, 2010

TWR72 Digs A Tunnel

With a friendship longer than ten years, The Walk and Rogerseventytwo started to work together as dj’s in the summer of 2004. Soon gigs followed in the Netherlands, including the big festivals, Prague, Paris, Copenhagen, Bratislava, Berlin, Freiburg and London. Six years later, they haven't killed each other and have actually gone on a successful recording binge garning support from everywhere.

Definitely one for the late nights TWR72's new single, Tunnel was recently released on Amsterdam’s own Instant Replay Label. This twisted, stripped down, bangin tune builds and builds to the end. Tunnel is a simple monster that gets every party going. A loop that keeps rising, and building, building and rising...and then it leaves you depressed.

Download: Tunnel

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