Friday, August 20, 2010

The Moaners Love Humid Air

Head south past the Mason-Dixon line and into the swamp-hot humidity of North Carolina’s summer months, and a porch-swing singalong with The Moaners starts to sound very appealing. Melissa Swingle (formerly of alt-country darlings Trailer Bride) and Laura King (formerly of Grand National) have been conjuring the spirit of the South for over five years and two records with the ambitious goal of “[capturing] the feeling of … Faulkner’s South, O’Connor’s South.” With Nocturnal, their spell is stronger than ever.

Nocturnal is The Moaners’ most mature statement yet, tempering their ferocious, stomping garage rock with a songwriting sensibility that is by turn mysteriously dark and whimsically joyful. Each track offers something new from the band; “Humid Air” and “Raggedy Tune” explore new rhythmic approaches and textures, while “Cowboy Bob” boasts their most adventurous arrangement to date.

Personal note: I have a special attachment to this band. This was the very first release party I put together way back in 2005 and it got the ball rolling. From there the things snowballed out of control by 2006. times.

Download: Humid Air

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