Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Atashi Tada Gets Sick

Atashi Tada was born in Riga, Latvia and began her musical career at age of 6 in a piano class at school. From that moment on, it's been nothing short of a white knuckle roller coaster ride that's included participation as a vocalist in several rock-bands and the creation of a Japanese language musical partnership with a friend. From there she took part in acoustic band covering popular songs and then finally discovered the joys of electronic music. The rest as they say is history.

'Atashi Tada' has two different meanings in Japanese: "Just me", and informal "Me for nothing". In combination they reflect the contradictory nature of the singer's philosophical outlook in a every cynical world. Her versatile nature translates into a clear awareness of imperfection and transience within the material world and yet despite all that her feet are placed firmly on the ground. Such a personality allows Atashi Tada to play with extremes and create vortexes of different energies around herself and that carries on to her music.

At the moment Atashi Tada co-operates with electronic music label Spanda Records based in Berlin, Germany. She's just released her latest single, Sick which you can hear below.

Download: Sick
Download: Acceleration

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