Wednesday, November 17, 2010

No Talk More Beats

Talk is Daniel Lewis. No, not Daniel Day Lewis. This Daniel's music is an intoxicating mixture of the mystical and guttural elements of strange late night lifestyles. Talk's music is surprisingly cinematic yet, at heart, everything he produces is dark club music. With an ear toward beats that seem to be on the verge of going thirty directions at once, Talk seems to have attention defecit disorder. When you take this sort of scatter shot approach and mix it with a sound pallet that seems to have come from deep with in the abyss you have something that's not sunshiny and happy. Dark, scary, and minimal, Talk cast a brutal found sound spell that's destined to break something.

The Holy Mountain EP is Talk's debut release and it's pretty challenging. The title track is an epic bass music anthem and an ode to the 1973 psychedelic film by Alejandro Jodorowsky of the same name. "Finland" finds haunting choirs melding together over a percussive backbone, while "Burning Alive" is a dark, artful tech house wasteland of delayed voices and synths. "Walking Disease" finds Talk at work with lazer sitars, cinematic strings and haunting synth stabs; it's a dark journey through dark places.

The EP is available now...broken guitar strings, pads and all at the usual outlets.

Download: Holy Mountain

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