Thursday, November 25, 2010

La Femme Tunerita

What happens if you show a bunch of French 20 somethings Peter Griffin's "Bird is the Word" episode of Family Guy? Well they form a band of course and call themselves La Femme.

Mixing chanson with surf guitars and seducing everyone in their path, La Femme are clearly destine for huge things. As La Femme prepares to for their first U.S. gigs, the band remains an enigma. Hailing from Paris, the group walks the line between erotic avant-pop and lo-fi surf rock. Their music can be flippantly light-hearted or aggressively dark depending on their mood and that's why we love these guys...and so does Peter Griffin apparently.

La Femme’s upcoming four-track EP — set for release on December 13th on 3rd Side Records. In the meantime catch a wave and check out their single, "Sur La Planche."

Download: Sur La Planche
Watch Peter Griffin:

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