Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Freedom Or Death

Freedom or Death is not a Tea Party mantra, but rather a band from Toronto, Canada who escaped from the music industry in the hopes of having complete control over their own destiny. Having spent a decade in the industry, they parted ways with it and took matters into their own hands.

They've done a pretty good job of it as well. Sounding something like a bit more informed Chris Martin if he were a bit more depressed, Freedom or Death sound like the Coldplay you've always wanted them to sound like; touched by Primal Scream and on heavy sedatives.

Their self-titled EP was released over the summer and the Wall Street Journal (!?), called them one of the twelve must see acts at CMJ this past fall.

Check out their cover of Nas', "Rule The World," and watch their video as well for a taste of how good Freedom is.

Download: Rule The World

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