Thursday, November 4, 2010

Madison Makes Some Noise

While NYC via Miami's independent pop noise-maker Madison only recently announced the impending release of her debut EP in January of next year, it's no surprise that she's quickly begun to turn some heads.

Madison's signature sound is a postmodern pop pastiche with street-smart style--high fashion for lowbrows, if you will--and a refreshing reminder that great pop music is essential even in today's world of pervasive indie. She lives this ethos everyday. Madison left the world of academia to pursue music, trading a past as a published neuroscience and medical school student for the New York art scene to pursue the science of pop.

The first installment of a 4-part EP series/multi-part pop and art project, The Noise Some People Make will be released on January 11th, 2011 on her very own G Records. Madison is madly pursuing a new perspective to pop music: the setting of trends, the making of tastes, a business model that is perfect for the new music "industry" - playing by one's own rules, which for Madison means having no rules at all; pop made with no boundaries, no labels, no super star producer--and entirely on Madison's own terms.

Download: Hot Hot Love
Download: Number One

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