Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The So So Glos Meet Fred Astaire

Meet The So So Glos. Theirs is a New York story, not in the "only in..." sense-despite their unusual beginnings-but in the way that New York's story is about inclusion amidst tumult, about embracing both dark days and bright nights, about politics being personal and doing it yourself.

They are, literally, a band of brothers. Singer-bassist Alex and guitarist Ryan Levine were raised under the same Brooklyn roof. Drummer Zach Staggers became their stepbrother at the age of 4, and lived nearby anyway-they'd gone to preschool together and founded their own proto-punk "Bad Boys Club." Guitarist Matt Elkin arrived in 2007, one year after the band formed, a long-lost sibling in spirit whose induction to the fraternity was immediate and complete. And in their four years, the Glos have cut a brash creative swath through their native city that includes three records made, two all-ages venues founded, and at least one jaw broken.

Along the way, the Glos have earned a reputation for a ripping live show, which they've brought to all-ages clubs, fans' kitchens, scene fundraisers and traditional venues alike. They've also constructed (literally) a new performance space and HQ, Shea Stadium, which has hosted punk rock fetes as well as overnight dance parties with Danceteria and avant 1980s DJs. October brings a fresh EP recorded at the Rare Book Room by Nicolas Vernhes (Deerhunter, Fiery Furnaces, Animal Collective). Naturally, it's named Low Back Chain Shift, after a distinct facet of the New York drawl.

Download: Fred Astaire

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