Sunday, January 16, 2011

Don Juan Peligroso

Portland, Oregon's Don Juan! Peligroso! was formed on a whim by six eccentric, music-loving friends during late 2010. After performing their first show at Portland's famed White Eagle Saloon, the band decided they had crafted a collection of songs weird enough to document. They then recruited their friend Jim Prescott (former bassist of G. Love and Special Sauce) to help them record their debut EP.

When not playing music together, the band members can be found aimlessly wandering the streets of their home city, wearing extravagant masks.

If that doesn't seem weird enough for you, wait until you listen to them. You'll be left scratching your head as you hear the saxophone mixed in amongst guitar and drums. It's like listening to a much cooler version of smooth jazz. Think of it as easy listening that it's ok to like...perfect music then for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Download: Nap Time
Download: Ken Doll 6

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