Monday, January 17, 2011

Drink Up The Milk

The Milk are four spirited young men from Essex (and proud of it), though they spent their formative years dreaming of being cool kids in Camden, and thrashing around somewhat aimlessly in a punk band. Having slogged up and down the M1 one too many times, with self-booked tours that took them to Hull via Exeter and Edinburgh ("we had no concept of geography," notes singer Ricky), the band realised punk was dead, and split. Remaining a true gang of friends ("we still get pissed off if one of us sees a film on their own"), the boys took a break to re-evaluate what they wanted to do.

Soon after, narrowly avoiding naming themselves Nigel Winterbottom and the Flat Back Four, they re-emerged as The Milk; embracing the classic Motown, Stax and Trojan records that had soundtracked their teens. Their early demos were recorded in their shed, with mixing assistance from acclaimed hip-hop/electronic DJ-remixer Brad Baloo (The Nextmen). It’s an admittedly work-in-progress sound, which has excited those who have stumbled across it.

These guys in a word are brilliant. You get the sense in listening to these guys that this is the kind of record Mark Ronson really wants to make. The Milk are soul men and it oozes out of every pore. All that needs to happen now is Merc to sponsor them, Weller to admire them, and them to sell a lot of records.

Download: 54 46 Was My Number

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