Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Pay The Goddamn Electric Bill

When Jason Torbert began writing new material for his solo project, Goddamn Electric Bill, he wasn’t picturing his most enthusiastic audience as a conservative Middle Eastern emirate. But after releasing a few tracks to radio, he noticed that he was getting a whole lot of play in … Qatar. His music continues to float around at the top of the Qatar QBS Radio charts this year, garnering attention from DJs and fans in the Arabian Peninsula.

It’s a good omen for Jazz, the third full-length album from Goddamn Electric Bill. Torbert began to write and produce the tracks from Jazz as a score for the indie film, “Douchebag,” which was nominated for the Sundance Film Festival Grand Jury Prize last year. But when inspiration hit and Torbert found himself swimming in tons of new material, he began to imagine the tracks as one solid album.

“This is the first time an album has felt truly cohesive to me,” Torbert says. “I think it’s because I wrote it all at the same time and it just clicked.”

The album is a departure from Torbert’s usually melancholy work. It’s hopeful. It’s youthful. It’s feisty. Deft hand-claps propel “Pull the Lever” through rolling synth and a reverb vocal chorus. “Fairytale Orchestra” is a playful plod through the sunshine. These are all glass-half-full tracks that master the art of optimism.

Download: Pull The Lever
Download: Fairytale Orchestra

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