Sunday, January 23, 2011

Howler-ing At The Moon

Minneapolis’ Howler is the solo project of Jordan Gatesmith, lead guitarist for indie pop band Total Babe. Jordan claims that the idea for the band came to him because he's “terribly A.D.D.”, and needs to be working all the time.

Fortunately for music fans he is not medicated for it, so he is constantly writing music and apparently creating new bands. After starting a new band each week for about 2 months, Howler emerged as the clear standout, and after a short amount of time recorded the This One’s Different EP.

Jordan describes Howler as “an 80’s punk band cleaned up just enough so you could stick a corsage on it and take it to the prom.” The result is something like The Jesus and Mary Chain during their I Hate Rock & Roll period. It's noisy, kind of lo-fi, shambolic, and deeply in love. Nice stuff then that's as dusty and dear as it is rock and roll.

Download: I Told You Once

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