Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not Necessarily The Sound Of Growing Up

The Sound Of Growing Up is the moniker of singer/songwriter Justin Kao (kay-oh). A Boston transplant via Long Island, NY, Kao moved to Boston shortly after finishing college to pursue his career in music. Having played small shows and open mics in the local area, Kao began building up a network of fans, friends, and musicians with his catchy melodies and earnest lyrics.

The band’s aptly titled debut EP, Drifting, due out March 8, 2011, is a sweeping range of emotions that travel from uncertainty and apathy to hope and promise. This is total nerd core intermingling with indie pop and as a result sounds like Ben Folds Five in a fist fight with Weezer after several shots of espresso.

Keep an eye out for their album in March and in the meantime enjoy The Kite.

Download: The Kite

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