Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Head To The Balkans

Balkans are back at it again. The Atlanta, GA band is releasing the Edita V 7" on February 22nd and a new self-titled album on May 10th (US, May 9th in the UK), both on Double Phantom Records (Roman Photos, Abby Gogo, Carnivores).

Maybe it's because I've not heard the Strokes in ages, but Balkans totally remind me of a primordial Strokes whose rawness and overbearing hooks just kind of bash you over the head until you realize that their songs are pretty good.

The band's forthcoming LP is chock full of the raw, heavy guitar fuzz Balkans have become known for. After releasing several seven inch singles through local labels, they're more than ready to unleash their debut record to the world.

Download: EditaV

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