Wednesday, January 26, 2011

They're U.S. Royalty

Today, January 25, DC-based U.S. Royalty releases the anticipated debut album, MIRRORS.

"With this record we wanted to present a body of work, a complete thought," says singer John Thornley. To achieve this, the band wrote and rewrote songs for a year, demoing and dissecting while on the road and at home. John continues, "Because we traveled for about a year and a half before we recorded the album, there is definitely a travel vibe to the record."

And for some strange reason, the thing sounds like Fleetwood Mac if they hung out with some sort of rustic version of Foals. It's an interesting combination of sounds the combine into something far greater than it's parts. Several people have called the Royalty, folk-pop. This is a massive disservice as the songs here are about as folky as Slayer is easy listening. Pastrol pop with a wides screen feel, If the singles below of how the rest of the album sounds, then this is destined to be one of the cooler records you'll hear this winter.

Download: Monte Carlo
Download: Equestrian

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