Monday, January 17, 2011

Acid Pauli Kicks Off The New Year.

After his rather menacing vision called World's End (Hometrainer/Acid Pauli 12", Dec 2010) Acid Pauli pulls another two more typical tricky tracks out of his musical drawer. But, to confuse right from the scratch, he gave them polarizing names such as "Like It" and "Don't Like It". Has he possibly planted something on us?

"Gefällt Mir" (English "Like It") becomes proudly led by a vivid Flamenco melody. It starts right swiftly to enter eagerly into an Acid-Paulish play with tensions. A few peaks must be crested before the barge steers over to in twilight's dazzling Andalusian haven.

"Gefällt Mir Nicht" (English "Don' Like It") gets a little more time to build up. Guided by a springy beginning the track builds up brick by brick, until a noise emerges and changes things completely. This noise – let's name it violin screaming – becomes something to remember because the magic violin pops up unpredictably whilst the track constantly maintains its melacholic ways.

So that's his latest release in a nutshell...the guy seems to put these things out in an assembly line fashion with the highest quality. Check out the versions below and buy them here.

Download: Gefallt Mir
Download: Gefallt Mir Nicht

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