Friday, January 28, 2011

Take It Dag For Dag

American-Swedish. Brother and sister. Nomadic wanderers. From Missoula, to Wisconsin, to Honolulu, to, finally, Stockholm...that's Dag för Dag in a nutshell.

Dag för Dag bring their sprawling mix of dirty guitars, layered textures, and anthemic guy/girl vocals via a full-length album. Boo is set for a April 26th release on Brooklyn's Ceremony Recordings. The band's name, Swedish for "day by day," was originally taken from a language-learning tape the duo once stumbled across, the name has become an apt descriptor of their approach to music and life in general.

With a sort of dark and dreary sound, their single, "I Am The Assassin," sounds like a James Bond outtake that slinks it's way around slaying you with subtle hooks, and slinky guitar work. It's a subtle sort of tune that sticks with you until it gets the job done. If Boo is anything like this tune, we're in for one heck of a thrill ride.

Download: I Am The Assassin

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Larissa said...

Dag för Dag's "I Am the Assassin" is my Swell Tune today: Sounds like a back alley fight between Jefferson Airplane and Radiohead