Friday, April 8, 2011

Beast Make Bomb's And Goes Boom

Hailing from all over the country, BEAST MAKE BOMB calls NYC its home, playing local Brooklyn hot-spots and historic Manhattan rock/punk venues.

Their new EP, Sourpus, follows up their critically acclaimed freshman effort, Skinny Legs. BEAST MAKE BOMB describes themselves as “a marriage between punk attitude and pop sensibility”. Their live shows convey these thoughts exactly. They play tightly knit songs with the perfect amount of spikiness, messy rock exploration, catchy guitar riffs, and melodic female vocals.

I'm not sure about the punk rock stuff, but I am sure that they are a good band with great songs.  Catchy and destined to inspire some sort of pogoing upon listening, BEAST MAKE BOMB's EP is what good powerful pop music is all about...young, addictive, angsty and sloppy.

Download: Coney Island 

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Anonymous said...

can't get enough of these guys. anyone who likes death cab for cutie, dashboard confessional or liz phair will love them.