Saturday, April 16, 2011

Serena Andrews Resistance

Serena Andrews just released Do Not Resist – a concept album done as a part of The Wire Magazine’s RPM Challenge to create a full album in under 28 days during the month of February. Starting late, Andrews completed the 10-song requirement between Feb 9th and 28th, just making the deadline.

This is a fun record that seems like it was made over the course of months, not days.  The songs are rich, catchy as the flu, and sound like a million bucks.  It's great stuff. 

Aurally, the record is kind of all over the place while sitting on top of a glitch-base.  It' bleeps and bloops and then works it's way between your ears with ease.  It's energetic stuff that rides high on Serena's rather adorable voice while covering cover everything from existence itself to love and missed phone calls.

Serena will spend the next month working on a music video for one of the tracks, and is slated to tour this Spring and Summer as a duo with producer Brian Wenner (Shapeless Shadow).

Download: Bird On A Wire
Download: Life Support

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