Friday, April 29, 2011

Ursula 1000 Goes Mondo Beyondo

Ok...I'm a bit biased on this one.  I know Ursula 1000.  Back in the 90's his band, 23, was one of the only bands in Miami that channelled Ride and wanted to be popstars.  We were part of the scene that had no name...and had no fans.  There were like ten of us who liked Britpop, indie pop and the like and we all kind of hung together.  So much so that after I left Y&T Records, Alex (Ursula 1000) and I used to go over faxes every week from Go Ahead London and order the weeks coolest records from his secret lair at BAM! Comics.  Eventually, I left Miami and well Alex adopted his secret identity and sort of became world famous.  And so did his former band mates who wound up forming The Postmarks.  And well it has a scene with a ton of fans; but sixteen years ago there were like 10 of us.

Sentimentality aside, Ursula 1000 has a new record coming out on August 19th.  From retro tinged spy themes, disco, electro, go-go pop ... he never stops evolving.  Drenched in snarling fuzz, heavy-hitting drums and his signature ominous organ stylings, this new collection of tracks sees Gimeno getting back in touch with his roots but channeling it through a new set of kaleidoscopic eyes.

As per usual, Alex takes 60's Swinging London, runs it by Peter Sellers, puts it on a plane, sends it around the world, electrifies it and then lends his own sense of humor to it all.  The results are quirky electronic dance pop that's just plain fun!

Download: Répétez Le Repetoire (feat. Isabelle Antena)

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