Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pink Frost Thaws Out

Pink Frost came together through a shared affinity for reverb, air guitar, and disgust. After several suicide attempts and realizing that the Chicago shoegaze scene completely sucked… they immediately began work on what would become their E.P. Self-titled and self released the three tracks create music for inclement weather, infinite sadness.

Cheery bunch then.  While they didn't really reinvent the shoegazing wheel...rather they added some northwest flavor too it and came up with something that's kind of like a gauzy hazy Shins meets Modest Mouse. It's good stuff that kind of shuffles along and works it's way into your skull without having to try very hard. 

The Frost has recently retired into the earth to begin work on their debut full length, which will come out later this year.

Until then join them under a rock and download The Sun...

Download: The Sun

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