Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kick The Canblaster

Canblaster, aka Cédric Steffens, he’s from Northern France and he’s part of the Club Cheval crew that’s currently taking over France. He’s only 22 but his unique ability to combine genres and sounds belie wisdom beyond his years. Master Of Complication is his first for Nightshifters and, to be honest, it’s so full of new noises we’re not really sure how to describe it.

Master Of Complication the new Ep by Canblaster, is a concept record about time, speed and, well, the complexity of watches. Of course there are many things about the music of Canblaster that is not what you expect. First of all, his music is ultra-melodic with an almost Zen like use of melodies that lifts you right off the ground. Then there’s the everything-including-the-kitchen-sink beats filled with details that always seem to point outward to an even larger world.

Download: Clockworks

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