Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Ravishers Are Ravishing.

Portland, Oregon indie-pop outfit Ravishers are unleashing on the world their eponymous, full-length debut. It's the follow up to the Singles for Singles EP that hit in 2010. But Ravishers didn't happen overnight. "This took way too long," comments frontman and songwriter Dominic Castillo. "This is a baby I've been carrying around for three years. The labour pains were severe."

Castillo, who has a degree in Classics and is a Berklee trained jazz guitarist, has a strange pedigree for a rock frontman. Listening to Ravishers, this is obviously a good thing.

With a skip in their step and a pop sensibility that allows them to create hooks as will, Ravishers will win you over pretty quickly.  One listen to, "Keep You Around," and you'll realize that the song is a self-fulfilling prophecy as the chorus will never leave your brain. 

This is just how things are with this band, they reel you in and then they never let you go.  But with songs, and an album as good as this, who would want to be let go?  Please Ravishers, keep us around!

Download: Keep You Around
Download: Nobody Falls In Love Anymore

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