Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I'm In A New Mood

The seeds of New Moods sprouted a couple years ago in small house on the outskirts of Bushwick. After hours of overhearing his housemate artist/vocalist Billy Jones (Other Passengers) feverishly writing and recording rough demos for a solo project, producer/engineer Sean Maffucci (Icewater Scandal) was quickly inspired to get involved.  The rest as they say is history.

While not denying any genre as an influence, New York City Post-World dance rock band New Moods is constantly looking forward through hazy borders of objectivity. While never forgetting the 80's New Wave movie soundtracks they heard growing up, the music is consistently focused on new directions in sound.

What's that all mean?  Well it means they sound a bit like a confused manic depressive mixed with commerical trance, electro, and the Top 40.  Throw it all  that together and come up with something that sounds like newer Mount Sims lost in dry ice.  It's synth pop to rave to while talking to your shrink and really, who doesn't want something like that?

Download: Playtime

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