Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ewww...It's Gross Relations

Gross Relations is a Brooklyn-based foursome who play lo-fi pop songs that are highly catchy and short on saccharine. With plenty of fuzz and lackadaisically-delivered lyrics reeled in by insistent, irresistible riffs, GR have a certain swagger that’s earning them frequent gigs and adulation.

Loud, fuzzy, scattered, and ridiculously catchy, Gross Relations have mastered the art of making lo-fi indie pop absolutely massive.  The single, "Blame The Records," is an anthem that's impossible to resist and ready to break.  Organs, huge guitars, smashed and bashed's all here and it rocks.

Think Beat Happening meets Brooklyn meets T-Shirt Time. Look out for more Relations buzz—it’s infectious.

They say they're on a quest to find their own space-time continuum and with these two songs as cranked up and ramshackled as they are, they might just very cause a rip in it.

You can pick up their 7" here.  And of course you can download tracks down below. 

Download: Blame The Records
Download: Don't Beat On Me