Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ira Atari Shifts Gears

Ira Atari was not named after the famous video game manufacturer, although judging by her music one has to wonder whether or not it was an influence.

Creating electro as if it were second nature, she, along with Frittenbude’s mastermind Ja!kob know how to balance pop with underground dance with mathematical precision.  Balancing pop with dance music, Ira Atari's debut album Shift is a fantastic record that has its eyes on massive hooks and dark recessed corners of the dance floor.  Ira seduces you with her voices and then has her way with you thanks to beats.  It's expertly engineered to wear you out.

Put it this way...With new Divas like Robyn leading the way it’s time for Ira Atari to take the world over one console at a time.

Download: Don't Wanna Miss You (ULTRNX - Remix)
Download: Back To Zero (Fuzz Galaxy Buzz - Remix)

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