Friday, August 12, 2011

Black Light White Light Cast No Shadows

Hailing from Copenhagen, Denmark, Black Light White Light delivers sunny psychedelic rock wrapped up in modern pop songs with beautifully crafted harmonies.

Filling in the gap that was kind of left behind by The Soundtrack Of Our Lives, Black Light White Light have that huge sounding, multi part harmony, Scandinavian pop thing down pat. You can hear it all over their strangely named single, "Glorious Bastards," and more than likely on their debut album, Infrared Daylight.

The album, recorded in North Hollywood, CA with internationally acclaimed producer Rick Parker (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Dandy Warhols, Von Bondies) Infrared Daylight shows a solid grounded inspiration in late 1960’s American psychedelic rock all with that brilliant Scandinavian twist. Due out in September, it's bound to be a psych pop trip to the stars.

Download: Glorious Bastards

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