Thursday, August 11, 2011

Luke Walker Doles Out Tough Love

To celebrate 60 (yes, 60 releases!) Gung-Ho! Recordings chose no one other than Luke Walker to claim that landmark catalogue number. Luke has been releasing on the label for sometime now producing tracks and remixes for label mates alike. The likes of Him and Greg Churchill have been there since day one and have only gotten better ane better over the years.

Tough Love is a proper, bonafide club tune in the purest sense fully loaded with the necessary verve to get you moving without a second thought. Backed up with two mixes from the likes of Attaque and the aforementioned Greg Churchill as well as another original, "Pressure," the four songs are utterly amazing. In a world of trendy electronic wobbles, it's nice to know that someone out there still knows how to make amazing choons. 60 releases in and it's a record like this that proves why Gung-Ho! Recordings are still around and will be for a long time. Essential stuff.

Download: Tough Love (Greg Churchill Remix)

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