Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Jacuzzi Boys Take A Dip

Miami is exploding with talent. It's amazing how much difference a decade can make. Once a musical wasteland for anything that wasn't related to dance music, the Magic City has come back with a vengeance.

As if to prove that point, The Jacuzzi Boys have just released their sophomore album. And rather than slumping, the Jacuzzi Boys have cranked up the amps, tuned the guitars and let it rip. Breaking out of the garage and fully embracing their power pop roots The Jacuzzi Boys have created one heck of a record with Glazin'. 

For Glazin’, the group traveled to Key Club Studios in Benton Harbor, MI where they spent twelve full days recording and mixing. The Jacuzzi Boys used this as an opportunity to dig deeper into the production of each song. “If the first record was the Everglades, the follow-up is Dadeland Mall,” says guitarist & vocalist Gabriel Alcala.

Download: Cool Vapors

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