Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Nocturnes Rise

The Nocturnes -- the band led by Red Sparowes guitarist Emma Ruth Rundle -- announce the forthcoming release of their second album, Aokigahara.

The Nocturnes are the folkgaze brainchild of guitarist/vocalist Emma Ruth Rundle. While the band began as a duo in 2007 and built a cult following prior to her joining Red Sparowes in 2009, Aokigahara is nonetheless a dramatic rebirth for The Nocturnes. Featuring a revamped quartet lineup, the 8-song album ventures into multiple textures of style and sound that create a lush haze of melody that blends hints of folk, shoegaze, chamber pop, goth and post-rock.

The Los Angeles based quartet has set up a Kickstarter account for special pre-orders, offering original artwork created by Rundle for larger donations in addition to immediate downloads of the album.

Download: The Road (via Bandcamp)

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