Friday, August 26, 2011

Huoratron Raises The Dead

Finnish Electro-Grindcore maven Huoratron (pronounced whore-a-tron) is the solo project of Finland's Aku Raski, who began by using two Game Boy consoles to produce experimental and dark electro. Since then, he's risen from the digital underground and updated his gear while maintaining the pure black sound and raw aesthetics.

If you can imagine Kid 606 with a tune and bit of metal churning through his veins you can kind of picture where Huoratron is coming from. He's chaotic, dark, and sure to write the soundtrack of the end.

Huoratron is now back (from the dead??) with an intense new single, "Cryptocracy" which is an early taste of his forthcoming full-length that will see release in 2012 on Last Gang Records.

Download: Cryptocracy

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