Friday, August 19, 2011

Time For New Investors

The New Investors are a brand new group from Copenhagen formed by four young investors with a passion a for sophisticated pop music, everlasting virtues, life affirming investments and French wine. So when the Eurozone totally collapses into economic chaos, at least they have something to fall back on.

Sounding like a psychedelic trip through the 60's via indie pop from today the band cover all their bases and then some.

To quote their bio (which incidentally is written like a business portfolio), "When listening to the New Investors you might feel that you listen to modern music while the attentive listener's thoughts might be sent back to the sophisticated and timeless pop music of the sixties. With the New Investors you will invest in both long term and in the immediate infectious returns."

Indie as a commodity on the exchanges? If New Investors have their way...yes.

Download and invest in: This Is The Season

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