Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Clap On Clap Off

The Clap,
yes you read the correctly, formed in the Summer of 2009 in Atlanta’s Old 4th Ward by Josh Hughes, Amanda Morelli, Sam Wagstaff and Tyler Walters.  How they come up with that name is anyone's guess much less why....we'll leave that question unanswered.

With influences ranging from baroque to blues to psychedelic, a result of the varied musical traditions of each member, the band really sound nothing like any of them. While paying homage to the scattered garage, psychedelic sounds of years gone by, The Clap has managed to mold them into something extremely familiar but kind of unique with just enough confused distortion to make you think twice.   

The band has recently finished recording The Operation 7" and will release it on September 6th on Atlanta's Double Phantom Records.

Download: Lucy 2

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