Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Can I Get Your Digits?

Digits are a dark, minimalist synth pop project from Toronto, Ontario. Created as a one piece unit by Alt Altman, Digits began in late 2009 with the release of his first album Hold it Close.

He released the Lost Dream EP in April 2011, with the yet to be released, Only Affection EP to follow in September, and a second full-length, Get Through, scheduled for November.

Only Affection EP, when it is released will be done so as a free download on his website on September 6, 2011, with the first single "Because It's Wrong."

Broody and slightly spooky, "Because It's Wrong," will stalk you as it hypnotizes you with it's gorgeous minimalism. If this tune is any indication of what the EP is going to be like...we might all need to see someone come September.

Download: Becuase It's Wrong

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